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About Us

Originally created in 2010 as a cross regimen program for dancers, Powerbarre has since changed and revamped to fit the needs of non-dancers and dancers alike! This program focuses slimming the trouble spots that women are all too frequently unhappy with, and works to create a long, lean, and strong feminine muscle structure. All classes are total-body workouts, and are extremely difficult. Whether you are returning from a long vacation from personal fitness, or you are an athlete looking for an excellent cross-training aesthetic, PowerBarre is right for you! 

 There are a variety of different classes, and class times, see our schedules & class descriptions!

New to PowerBarre?

Beginner classes @ Studio 1831

Wednesday Evenings beginning 9/14!

While beginner classes are recommended to PowerBarre "newbies", all classes are open level. This means that new clients may register for any of the classes posted on the schedule .

Introductory Offer-

3 classes for $45*

*first-time clients only!


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